Discussion about innovation with Professor David Gann

ICAAS hosted Imperial College London’s Vice-President (Innovation) Professor David Gann for an evening chat on 28th Sept 2016 at Accenture Office, Raffles City.

gann1The topic of the evening chat revolved mostly around how innovation has shaped Imperial College London throughout its years of growth and moving forward, how Imperial College London can leverage on the power of strategic innovation to develop competencies into new growth areas.  Professor Gann had also kindly shared the process behind developing the vision, strategy and innovation agenda for Imperial College’s 25-acre White City Campus and what his view on new ventures, and how such new ventures can be leveraged to diversity Imperial College London’s portfolio.

It was a very rewarding and fruitful experience for all of us present during Prof Gann’s talk, and also a great opportunity for all of us to catch up and reminisce the good old times at Imperial College London when we were all students.

Photos of the event can be found here.