ICAAS Distinguished Service Award

The ICAAS Executive Committee established the ICAAS Distinguished Service Award (IDSA) in 2003, as part of ICAAS’ 25th Anniversary Celebration, as the highest form of recognition/honour offered by the association.

The ICAAS may award the IDSA to individuals at its Annual General Meeting or any prominent event (dinner, banquet, …) in recognition of their extensive high quality service and contribution to the Association.

ICAAS DSA Selection Criteria

Demonstration of service and contributions to ICAAS and its mission, which are:

  • outstanding / exceptional / significant; or
  • long-term / long-standing / sustained / continued; or
  • one-time extraordinary

Areas of service include but not limited to:

  • elected officers in ICAAS;
  • editorial responsibilities (such as web master and newsletter editor);
  • event responsibilities (such as chair or member of organising / programme committe);
  • undertakings and actions that promote ICAAS in the “larger community”.

List of ICAAS Distinguished Service Award (IDSA) Awardees

  • 2010 – Dr. Lee Hing Yan


  • 2007 – Mr. George Ong Eng Poh


  • 2006 – Prof. Wong Lim Soon


  • 2005 – Mr. Raymond Kwok


  • 2003 – Prof. Phua Kok Khoo