Financial Times: Neil Ferguson, a virus modeller sounds the alarm


On 21 March 2020, Financial Times published an article featuring Neil Ferguson, a leading expert in epidemiology at Imperial College London. We have previously highlighted Professor Ferguson’s work here. In the article, Professor Ferguson revealed that he had unfortunately been infected by the very virus he was modeling!

The article mentioned Professor Ferguson’s efforts in modelling COVID-19 outbreak which warned that 250,000 people in the UK and up to 1.2 m in the US could succumb to the virus and suggests that the release of this study influenced UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson and White House officials to adopt what the paper co-authored by Professor Ferguson suggested as the only viable strategy at current time, suppression.

You can read the Financial Times article here where they also talked briefly about his early career at Oxford where he was seemingly headed for a career in particle physics before an abrupt change to focus on mathematical biology.