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Support the Imperial College COVID-19 Response Fund

In response to queries from many alumni and friends on how they can help the College and support essential works in confronting the COVID-19 pandemic, Imperial College London has launched the Imperial College COVID-19 Response Fund. This fund provide flexibility for the College to respond immediately to critical areas such as: Epidemiology – Prof Neil…
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Financial Times: Neil Ferguson, a virus modeller sounds the alarm

On 21 March 2020, Financial Times published an article featuring Neil Ferguson, a leading expert in epidemiology at Imperial College London. We have previously highlighted Professor Ferguson’s work here. In the article, Professor Ferguson revealed that he had unfortunately been infected by the very virus he was modeling! The article mentioned Professor Ferguson’s efforts in…
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COVID-19 Research @ Imperial

Since the outbreak of the novel coronavirus epidemic recently named COVID-19, Imperial College have been at the forefront of global efforts to tackle the virus. Researchers and scientists at Imperial have published significant scientific papers forecasting the impact of the virus. A summary of this work can found here. You may also be interested to…
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